Set of Rasp Bar – (Drum Bar) 8080-TF46-TF78-TX36-TX66-TX68

Set of Rasp Bar – (Drum Bar) 8080-TF46-TF78-TX36-TX66-TX68

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NH9838439/9838438 Rasp Bar Set High-quality steel  

  • Fits New Holland 8080
  • Fits New Holland TF46
  • Fits New Holland TF78
  • Fits New Holland TX36
  • Fits New Holland TX66
  • Fits New Holland TX67
  • Fits New Holland TX68
  • Fits New Holland CSX7070
  • Fits New Holland CSX7080
  • Fits New Holland CS640
  • Fits New Holland CS660
  • Fits New Holland CS6070
  • Fits New Holland CS6080
  • Fits New Holland CS6090
  • Fits New Holland CX60 Series
  • Previous numbers 398438 / 80398438 / 84097975 / 89838439

We provide combine parts for:

CLAAS logo, spare parts for combine harvesters Ireland
John Deere, combine harvester parts Ireland and UK
New Holland, combine harvester parts Ireland and UK
GRIMME logo, spare parts for combine harvesters Ireland and UK

I was going to buy an original New Holland concave, I tried Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concave after seeing some good reviews online. It has worked very well and really improved our machine. Initially was slightly nervous buying from Ireland but concave was perfect, fitted well and Highly recommend them. New Holland TX 36

A & J Adams, Aberdeenshire, UK.

Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concaves worked well for us and we had no problems at all. Irish Glanbia Grain awards winners. New Holland CX8060

F and M McCann, Kildare.

The old concaves were not too bad but the new ones from Ken Graham Eng Ltd. really worked well especially in winter barley. They even sounded differently than the old ones. Fitted perfectly and we had no problem setting them up. Claas Tucano 320

W&J Fox and Sons, Sheffield, UK.

Got on well, no problems fitting or using Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concave. John Deere 2264

A. Kavanagh, Wexford.

Part worked well, good quality. Claas Lexion 560

T James, Wexford.

Good strong piece of kit worked and fitted well. New Holland TX 34

T. Whistance, Herefordshire, UK.

New Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concaves and rasp bars fitted well, no problems. Claas Median 310

John Hope and Son, Stirling, UK.

All the high output concaves that I purchased from Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. worked well and fitted perfectly. Better than the original part. John Deere T660i, 2266

G. Conroy, Westmeath.

Combine ran a lot smoother and we had no blockages at all during the season. John Deere 1085

V. Rooney, Meath.

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