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High-Output Concaves

New Combine Concaves are indispensable for Crop Harvesting

Our expertly crafted steel combine concaves save you on diesel costs, reduce crop losses and provide a better-quality straw sample. Aged and worn concaves can cost you in terms of crop losses and damage. Our German steel fabricated concaves retain the same quality as manufacturers at more competitive prices.

Bespoke Concave Design

Having produced our first concave in 1980, Ken Graham Engineering are experts in providing our clients with the best tools for their farming business. In 1999 we developed a High Output Concave to cope with the increasing yields, which require Combine Harvesters to thresh and separate higher volumes of grain and straw.
We launched our ‘High Output Concave’ in 2000 and they proved to be an instant success in Ireland and the UK. Over 20 years later, we are still producing industry leading products.

Designed for better Harvesting

What’s different from the standard concave that’s fitted to your regular combine? Our concaves are specifically designed for the crops grown in this region. Most concaves are designed for all markets, but this is a high-output model especially for the Irish and UK market. We provide variations to fit all the major combine harvesters. We can supply standard concaves with the stress points reinforced to give a longer life to our concave units. We build bespoke concaves for different requirements such as maize or grass seed harvesting across Europe. Since 1990 we laser cut our profiles and invested in CNC machinery to ensure absolute tolerance accuracy in our manufacturing processes.

High Output Concaves (contre-batteurs) perform especially well in various grains such as:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Oil seed rape

Advantages of this bespoke design include:

  • Faster ground speed 
  • Reduced losses over the straw walkers 
  • Cleaner Sample
  • Less straw breakage

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New Holland High Output Concave 6mm Wire cx720, High-output Concave, Parts for combine harvesters Ireland/UK, New-Holland

New Holland High Output Concave 6mm Wire cx720

Original New Holland Chains CX720,CX740, CX760,CX8030, CX8040

Returns Elevator Chain – Lexion’s



Our Parts are trusted by Farmers. Hear what Irish and UK farmers they have to say about our Combine Harvester Parts.


I was going to buy an original New Holland concave, I tried Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concave after seeing some good reviews online. It has worked very well and really improved our machine. Initially was slightly nervous buying from Ireland but concave was perfect, fitted well and Highly recommend them. New Holland TX 36

A & J Adams, Aberdeenshire, UK.


Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concaves worked well for us and we had no problems at all. Irish Glanbia Grain awards winners. New Holland CX8060

F and M McCann, Kildare.


The old concaves were not too bad but the new ones from Ken Graham Eng Ltd. really worked well especially in winter barley. They even sounded differently than the old ones. Fitted perfectly and we had no problem setting them up. Claas Tucano 320

W&J Fox and Sons, Sheffield, UK.


Got on well, no problems fitting or using Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concave. John Deere 2264

A. Kavanagh, Wexford.


Part worked well, good quality. Claas Lexion 560

T James, Wexford.


Good strong piece of kit worked and fitted well. New Holland TX 34

T. Whistance, Herefordshire, UK.


New Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. concaves and rasp bars fitted well, no problems. Claas Median 310

John Hope and Son, Stirling, UK.


All the high output concaves that I purchased from Ken Graham Eng. Ltd. worked well and fitted perfectly. Better than the original part. John Deere T660i, 2266

G. Conroy, Westmeath.


Combine ran a lot smoother and we had no blockages at all during the season. John Deere 1085

V. Rooney, Meath.

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