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Short listed for the “International Machinery Manufacturers Awards (IMMA’s) 2016” the final will take place at Cereals 2016 show in the UK , 15th and 16th June 2016

These are a counter threshing system that can be easily fitted to the concave of a combine harvester .

They increase the threshing capacity of the concave by circa 10%-15% .

With the advancement of crop husbandry our clients were finding it increasingly difficult to thresh grain crops .

We initially designed a high output concave which has proven a huge success . We have now gone a step further with the Maxi-Threshing kit which is designed to fit both our high output concave and also standard concaves .

The Maxi-Threshing kit is very easy to install to most makes and models of combine harvesters .

We have found in our research that in general combine harvesters are using about 85 % of the threshing area of the concave .

Our Maxi-Threshing kit not only increases the capacity of the concave to thresh grain crops but it also spreads the crop over 100% of  the threshing area of the concave .

The combine harvester benefits by

  • faster ground speed
  • cleaner crop sample

This picture below is a rasp bar taken from a 2012 Combine Harvester . It shows how uneven the wear is in the separating drum without a Maxi-Thresh Kit fitted . The unworn part of the rasp equals 6 inches each side of the separating drum ,added together this is 12 inches of unused area in the separating drum  . Approx the width of 1 straw walker unused .

That shows that in general most combines use about 80 % of available area in the threshing drum . Our Maxi-Threshing Kit provides extra threshing capacity to the concave and also spreads the crop over 100% of the available threshing area lexion wear

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